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An Everest style book
An Everest book ~ 185x140mm ~
This one has 64 sides on 32 leaves in 4 sections of 8 folios

The paper for Everest style books is handmade from a variety of natural fibres ~ as it has been for centuries ~ even millennia ~ in many Asian countries, where suitable varieties of shrubs such as mulberry and daphne grow in abundance [122101], and generations of experience are available.

The smooth ~ acid free ~ writing papers are made from a mixture of Kozo and Mitsumata called Hatakami [126979]. The covers use a thick mix of Bhari [127057].

All these papers have been imported directly by me from the family-run paper mill ~ near Kathmandu ~ owned and managed by the Sitaula family [126985]. The paper is very different from everday European office papers. Altnough the pages are eminently suitable for writing journals or similar notes they may need to be tried before making serious committment.

The paper contains some very small natural impurities and other features typical of handmade natural products ~ sometimes the individual fibres are clearly visible ~ espcially is this the case with the feathery deckle-egde. The paper does not have complete opacity and some inks may show-through.

The leather tapes are sheepskin leather offcuts are from a glove-making establishment in the UK ~ where they are too small to be of use. The tapes are of pre-waxed linen thread made by a small specialist company in India. A little British beeswax from Devon is also applied to the threads before stitching.

The busybusydotco book kits are all named after explorers ~ inventors ~ or discoverers. This label Everest is no exception. The book kit is named after Sir George Everest whose name was also given to the World's highest mountain ~ which is in Nepal. Unusually the name was not chosen at random from our list of explorers. The association with Nepal was irresistable since all the paper and card used in making this book comes from that country ~ and from plants that only grow at mountainous altitudes.

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