Making a simple portfolio

These instructions accompany a simple kit that is available for sale under the name 'Dickason Discovery Kit'. It is still work in progress...we have got this far...There will also be very full and comprehensive staff notes and commentary available [113018]. There is a further kit which is similar. It is free-standing, but is also a suitable follow-on Discovery Kit [113049].

The kit contains the following items
~ two pieces of artists' mountboard cut to A5 size
~ a length of self adhesive silicone backed tape
~ a craft knife with retractable blade
~ two sheets of cover paper of size to cover A5 with overlaps on three edges
~ small pot of adhesive powder
~ small pasting brush
~ illustrated instructions

A jam-jar or similar item is required, together with an apron or suitable clothing in case of spillage.

If you plan to cover

Making paste

The powder we provide for paste is pure methyl cellulose powder of edible quality. We do not recommend eating it, but it does not contain any harmful ingredients. Wallpaper paste is similar, but contains extra chemical and fungicides to kill bugs ~ we do not recommend that for unsupervised use. It is water soluble and will rinse out of clothing, especially when still wet. It does not usually leave a stain.

The powder is slow to dissolve, and so it is best to make it some hours before it is required for use. Put about one heaped tablespoon into a glass jar, have a spoon ready for stirring, then add about a cupful of water ~ warm if possible. Stir vigorously, especially at first, and try to avoid lumps. The paste is ready to use when it goes clear, although that may take some hours. The paste will keep for several weeks without the need to refrigerate.

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