Closest to 100

A maths game ~ adding up to 99

Each player has a set of the ten single digit cards. In an allocated space of time ~ say two minutes ~ each person arranges some or all of their number cards ~ in any order ~ such that the sum of the digits as arranged adds up to 99.

BusyBusy Closest to 100
Thought in progress...

The person with the total nearest ~ or equal to ~ 99 wins the game. A total of 100 or more disqualifies. The cards can be laid down as single digits, or in pairs to make a tens and units number. If two or more people reach exactly 99 ~ or otherwise equal a winning total ~ the person who has used the most digit cards wins. The cards can be arranged in any order ~ and moved around as often as required.

Here are five attempts...which one wins?


Now have a go ~ you can play solo, just for practice ~ or race an opponent with ~ say ~ two minutes working time.

BusyBusy who is closer to 100
Who is winning this time?

Notes and comments for parents, carers or tutors, on this game are available to subscribers [124761]. Subscription details are available from the contact near the foot of this page.

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