Bench presses

Bookbinders and papercrafters invariably find a need to apply gentle pressure as something dries. If this can usefully be done on the workspace then an easy-to lift weight comes in handy. The "handy" is important. There is a need for heavier presses. These are too heavy, and too bulky to be within constant arm's reach.

We present, here, some suggestions for weights that can easily be lifted with one hand, and are heavy enough to do their squashing job well.

Handy means just that ~ small enough to grasp and lift, and not too heavy to be a strain. Finger grips can be very important to help prevent accidental dropping.

Our most expensive small weights were acquired for a separate purpose. We find a couple kept just beside the workspace are constantly being used, even if only as paperweights.


Easy to grab ~ stainless ~ easy to keep clean ~ non-staining ~ expensive ~ useful as a square ~ heavy enough ~ space saving

Once known as a tobacco tin, since loose "baccy" was always sold in these rectangular boxes, these are just right, but need a fair bit of preliminary preparation, and are not always easy to find. There may be some holding screws and nails in the garage, but they are likely to be rusty. Notes on making these are available




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