Opening plastic ream-wraps of paper

I hate plastic wrappers, and have written a rant about that [112886]. To help save readers a spot of bother I decided to write this note after discovering that I had ruined a couple of sheets of paper. Since they were part of an important print run it meant replacing them ~ chore ~ expense. Here is how it happened ~

I used to wrestle with the flaps. They never opened ~ too well stuck down. Quick solution ~ grab the craft knife ~ plunge it into the side, slice around several sides ~ presto. Wrapper off. Except that ~ occasionally the knife fails to slide between sheets, and pierces and damages a sheet of paper.

Cutting plastic wrap on a ream of paper

If your craft knife is sharp there is a chance that somewhere in the pile you may cut a sheet, or even two or three together. I did. I am glad I spotted them when riffling through for a print check.

The cut could easily have caused have caused a foul-up in the printer ~ with greater or lesser disaster ~ or it might have gone out to the customer ~ complaint time? ~ go elsewhere next time? ~ maybe just a dent in our reputation?

So now I very carefully slice the blade flat onto the edges and the plastic, and hack away at the film without the sharp edge approaching any of the paper. The old fashioned paper wraps were much easier to open, and could be recycled as wrappers. Progress is not always progressive.


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