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Commentary on the kit for making a simple portfolio

Note This page provides a commentary to accompany a simple kit that is available for making a small portfolio. Full instructions and details of the kit are at [112017]. The commentary is designed as an aid for teachers or parents who are acting as guides or mentors for less able participants who may have questions related to the kit. Our preparations project for all this are far from complete, and the kits are under preparation ~ and are not yet available for sale. We trust they will be worth waiting for.

This is one of the simplest possible projects that introduces some of the techniques required for developing a bookcraft course. It has the advantage that it can be developed in complexity in a number of easy ways. Although the simple kit ~ as sold ~ is for small (A5) portfolios ~ to save materials and postage ~ the concept can be developed to any size (A1 - if your space allows!). More notes ~ below>

Related Notes

BusyBusyDotCo produces a number of kits designed for craftwork. They are all listed under the names of historical discoverers. There is no relationship between the name and the type of kit ~ it is simply a way of labelling something.

Chief Petty Officer 'Harry' Dickason was a Royal Navy seaman, chosen by Captain Scott to be a member of the Terra Nova expedition to Antarctica. He was one of the six members of Scott's 'Southern Party' (confusingly called the 'Northern Party' ~ by some ~ back in England), all of whom survived two winters as they undertook scientific research. Whilst on a field trip ~ to Cape Adare ~ of several hundred miles their plans for return to the base camp ~ at Cape Evans ~ were thwarted by the onset of winter weather. They survived the winter of 1912 in a tiny self-built cave dug into the ice on Inexpressible Island, and managed to return to base ~ in September ~ when the winter ended.

This was one of the many separate adventures taken place by Scott's expedition. Dickason, was awarded the Polar Medal, with clasp, for his part in these discovery expeditions, and returned to his naval career. He was subsequently awarded the DSM with Bar. He died in 1943, age 58. Further details on the WWW are sparse, but the Southern (Northern) Party is fully described in the book 'The Longest Winter' ~ Meredith Hooper ~ Counterpoint ~ ISBN 978-1-58243-762-0

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