Bookcraft ~ why ~ ?

I came to bookcraft as a course of study at college in Oxford. Since then it has been an enjoyable occasional hobby, and even a source of income at times. As a grandparent and teacher I am happy to share some thoughts on bookcraft, without trying to persuade or influence ideas or sell products. All this for only written for the benefit of readers who have shown sufficient interest in bookcraft or bookbinding to arrive at this WWW page. I am at present writing random thoughts. I may, later, put them into some special order. I do not have the skills, or knowledge, of your needs to choose the most important.

Any hobby is a useful element of living a richer life. If you agree with tis then you will also agree that the sooner in life it is started, the better. Bookcrafts can be started, with modest slight supervision and encouragement, from (at a guess) four or five. There are suitable ways of presenting projects that will interest such youngsters, and will quickly produce something useful.

Manual dexterity is not as important in bookcraft as in many other crafts. Projects can be chosen that suit the abilities of the craftsperson.

You will notice that I am using the word bookcrafts all the time. I could use bookbinding, but that can be rather too specialist to include in an introductory chat. I reserve it for the upper end of the bookcraft range. A professional bookbinder, and there are a few around, has far more skill and knowlegde at his fingertips than we are writing about here. (I have also gleaned sufficient knowledge of the way search engines work to know that it helps to use a variety of appropriate, sensible, and relevant words in the text.)




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