Not so proud of these

It is not a good idea to spread bad deeds around, but I am happy to show some exampes of my own bad practice and mishaps, in the hope that readers will take note and avoid similar silly mistakes.

I currently favour using a plastic bottle, with a spout, and also the glue EVA, which is rather more runny than PVA. An important feature of this method of dispensing glue is that of keeping the pot stored, even momentarily, upside down, and with the sealing cap firmly in place.

Here is a busy worktop scene, the glue has been spread onto the sides of sheets to be padded, and the brush is ready for use. Drop the glue into the coffee cup - and curse. Serves me right for bringing drink into the workshop, even more for leaving it on the bench, even more for having it so close to hand. Grrrr.

Glue pot in the coffee

How to spoil a cup of coffee

Normally I have a special glue-pot handy, but for some reson I was disorganized (again), and dumped the glue into a handy container. This time I got away with it, but did have time to take a picture of the error of my ways. I could have lost quite a lot of expensive Neschen tape if the accident shown in the next picture had happened.

Temporary glue-pot using a roll of tape

As above - lack of forethought. Plop the glue pot into the nearest container, in this case a roll of paper tape. The spout, this time, was a wide one, and the EVA was very dribbly. It had already dropped onto some boards close by, and splashed into the scissors. I had not noticed the cap was not fixed onto the spout, and a large puddle was slowly forming. When I moved the 'glue-pot', I saw the blob of glue, put the roll down, and started to spread the mess around. And ~ yes ~ much of the roll was now glued firmly into one solid wodge. What a careless waste.

EVA glue escapes from the glue pot

More mess - EVA is not viscous, and will readily spread itself around at the slightest opportunity ~ and is readily absorbed by some papers


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