How big is B1 size?

Some illustrated demonstrations

A phrase such as 'paper size 330x220' means very little to me. I do not think I am alone in this. I have got used to A4 ~ and C6 ~ and more recently I have got I have become acquainted with some larger sizes. I find that very often items on the WWW have no scale. I have tried to rectify this on any sites I produce (such as this). Here are a few pictures to help others who are in the same boat.

ISO Paper Size B1

A tablecloth of B1 sheets
A small table that seats four people ~ tablecloth of sizeB1 ~
laid-up for two with a small and a large dinner plate

B1 paper and a C4 envelope
A B1 sheet, with a C4 envelope lying on it ~
a C4 envelope is designed to take a bundle of A4 sheets

A loosely rolled B1 sheet
A B1 sheet rolled ~ it is 700cm wide

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