Paper printed with Florentine design

A decorative sheet ~ designed and printed by Grafiche Tassotti of Bassano in Italy

Florentine design ~ a printed paper by Tassotti
A sheet of B4 Florentine Design paper ~ HV113509

Paper with a florentine design ~ a printed Tassotti
Detail from above ~ HV113509

The Design - Traditional Florentine

This is just one of several decorative Florentine papers printed by Grafiche Tassotti. The others have different overall colour effetc, and the content of the swirls varies. Here there are embedded golden cherubs or putti, randomly arranged ~ the pattern reads from all edges.

The Paper

The paper is first of all printed at size B1, and then made available by retailers at sizes more approrpiate to their method of distribution ~ large papers are not easy to ship in an unfolded state, and B1 is large. The paper is self coloured in a natural shade ~ slightly off white ~ light ivory ~ extra light cream ~ distinguished ~ (there is no standard name for it ~ perhaps there should be!) The weight is 85gsm, and it has a good crackle to it. The grain of the paper is lengthwise on the B1 sheet.

We have a page of more detailed notes about the centuries-old established firms behind Grafiche Tassotti ~ [126493] .

Similar papers by Tassotti

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