Paper printed with Mixed Herbs

A decorative sheet ~ designed and printed by GrafischTassotti of Bssano, in Italy

Picture of 'Mixed Herbs' paper by Tassotti
Printed Tassotti paper 'Mixed Herbs' paper ~ HV113657

The Herbs

The Mixed Herbs selection shown here includes their Latin names, although they are too small to read in this illustration.

The paper

The 85 gsm paper shown above is printed on B1 sheets by Tassotti. The pattern is 'one~way~up' ~ V1 ~ and printed so that the plants run with the grain. [126493].

Similar papers by Tassotti

I show some moreTassotti papers, below. Clicking on a picture will take you to the appropriate descriptive page. Alternatively a guide to some illustrated indexes is available [125406].

Bunches of Wheat ~ click picture for details Picture of poppies ~ click picture for details Picture of Edelweiss ~ click picture for details Lily of the Valley ~ click picture for details Watercolour flowers ~ click picture for details Bamboo ~ click picture for details

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