Value of coins

A light hearted task

I prepared a small quiz to help a youngster with counting out money. I have taken some pictures and present them here as a short task which may be useful practice for some readers.

Here are some a piles of penny coins ~ arranged in different ways. Some of the coins are very grubby!

Counting two lines of coins
Two lines of coins ~ A How many coins?

If you are writing answers down then you can use the letters keep track of things.

Counting coins in patterns
Some patterns ~ B How many coins altogether?

Coins in a triangular pattern
An interesting pattern ~ C How many coins?

A pile of pennies ~ how many?
A pile of pennies ~
D How many coins? ~
It is difficult to count from the picture ~
You may guess at this one!

Cash value of coins required
E What is the total cash value of these pennies?

In every case I have been working in tens of pennies ~ and have tried to emphasize a pattern to help you count them quickly ~ two lots of five ~ three lots of three and an extra one ~ or a triangular pattern [126986]. There was no help for the pile of pennies ~ but I did suggest you might guess ten.

Ten is a popular number ~ so much of our counting works in tens.

In every picture ~ below ~ there are either pennies ~ or ten-pence pieces ~ or one-pound coins. If there is a pile of coins there are always ten coins in the pile. The questions are lettered ~ there is no 'I' and no 'O'.

What is the monetary value of the coins in each picture?

Counting pennies
F The value of all these pennies is?

Counting more pence
G More pennies ~ value is?

Mixed tens and ones
H Mixed pence and ten-pence coins ~ value?

Piles of pennies
J What is the total value?

Tower of Pisa pennies
K Not a well balanced pile of pennies ~
The cost in this picture is?

A pound coin with pennies
L A pile of ten-pence pieces and a valuable coin
How much is this picture worth?

An emptied pocket of mixed coins
M What value is shown here?

A selection of cash to be counted
N Quite a lot of cash ~
What is the total worth?

A note and coins
P What is the value shown?

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