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I was visiting a friend whilst he was busy in his workshop. I was interested to see the huge number of little boxes he had ~ all carefully stored in shelves in a cupboard ~ and every box clearly labelled to say what was inside.

I began to wonder how many 'things' there were packed in each box. I took some pictures and have been able to prepare a short fun~quiz.

In every case the question is

How many in the box ~ or package?

If you are writing down your answers, then I have provided letters A ~ K for reference. (There is no I ~ it gets confused with 1 ~ and is often left out of lists such as this.)

Brass screw cups
A ~ Brass surface screw cups

Box hex domed cap nuts ~M10
B ~ Box hex domed cap nuts

Spax nuts
C ~ Spax nuts

Box of MastaScrews
D ~ Box of MastaScrews

Box of Fastascrews
E ~ Box of Fastascrews

Package of 1000 envelopes
F ~ Envelopes

Package of painters' scrapers
G ~ Painters' scrapers

Box of wood screws
H ~ Box of wood & chipboard screws

J ~ Rawlplugs

Masonry Nails
K ~ Box of Masonry Nails

There is no consistency in the labelling. In some cases it is almost necessary to take a guess at which one of the many numbers refers to the quantity of items inside the container. Apart from the masonry nails and scrapers everything else favours a multiple of a hundred. The rawlplug box highlights an area ripe for mistakes. It states something aqlong the lines of this is one pack of one hundred. For those doing the quiz ~ either 1 or 100 counts as a correct answer.

It so happened that these are all small screws and other items. The surface screw cups tend to stack into each other and take up very little space ~ hence the largest quantity at 500. Incidentally this box was almost empty ~ my friend has done a lot of work over the years!

There are similar pages dedicated to counting matters ~ such as Counting Eggs [114049]

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