Recycling a shirt

My shirt has reached the end of the line ~ washed, but I was doubtful if the charity shops would wish to have it. Time to salvage it ~ or prepare to upcycle.

First off - remove the buttons. I was so busy taking a few pictures for this page that I nearly forgot this task ~ that is why I now make it first on the list. The buttons will last forever and will always be a welcome addition to the button box [125333].

Next attack with the scissors. For the best economy of material cut close to all the seams you can find. The resulting pieces will then be as large as possible. It iws good crafting economy policy to leave everything as large as possible ~ cut to size require later.

The shirt back and sleeves will provide good sized pieces. The front ~ here with pockets ~ smaller, but still useful shapes.

The really small pieces might come in useful as mopping up rags ~ it is useful to have a moist rag handly whenever glue or paste is in use.

The pattern on this shirt lends itself to strips ~ I had in mind using it for postal portfolios [114047]. I will try to remember to add other possible uses as and when it occurs to me. Your demonstrations welcome! Send a 6x4 picture for my consideration ~ alas no fee available! ~ contribute.

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