Developments for 'Keeping score of a game'

Further ideas

Here are some related developments that you may be able to follow-up.

I have drawn a rectangular scoreboards for the pictures in the project. I am not very good at drawing circles ~ and they are inefficient of screen space. Draw a circular scoreboard of your own design. Colour the three sections. Explain to your tutor why you have designed it the way you have. You do not have to draw huge and beautiful and accurate circles ~ a small sketch will be adequate since it is just for talking about. If you are not able to talk about what you have done ~ and why yoou have done it ~ then write down one or two sentences to explain.

The range of points allocated for scoring seems a little odd. Can you invent a game which sensibly scores in this way? Maybe you could work at the first round ~ or two ~ of your new game ~ and then try it out with some other people before spending a lot of time at it. Talk about it ~ if you can ~ or write some notes. If your trial is successful how many questions ~ or actions ~ will you need to prepare for a full game?

Someone said the name of the game ~ Fifty Wunners ~ was silly. They did not suggest why it was silly to them. They suggested Five Tenners. Do you have any comments on that? Can you suggest a name? Why is your suggestion a good suggestion?

Here is one suggested method for the game. Prepare a pile of simple times table questions written on slips of paper ~ such as 7×8=? You can choose to take 1,3,or 5 of them. You have to get all your chosen qestions correct to score your 1,3,or 5. If you make a mistake you score nothing.

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