Paper printed with paintings of Ivy

A decorative paper ~ designed and printed in Italy by GraficheTassotti

Picture of 'Ivy' paper by Tassotti
Paper printed by Grafiche Tassotti called 'Ivy' ~ HV116627

The Plant

Ivy is a well known plant that sprawls across the ground, and climbs up walls and trees by anchoring the woody stems to the surface with sticky tendrils. Some of the species are quite attractive, but it is unpopular with many people because of its invasive habit and difficulty in removing it. Many species of birds eat the berries, and some make their nest ~ hidden amongst the dense evergreen foliage.

The paper

The 85 gsm paper shown above is printed ~ long grain ~ on B1 sheets by Tassotti. The trailing fronds of ivy make a random pattern that is 'four-way-up' ~ it can be used with any edge as the base. The Italian name for this paper is called 'Edera', in English it is Hedera.

General notes on Tassotti papers are available [126493].

Similar papers by Tassotti

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