Holding a bone folder

Having it ready in hand whilst keeping fingers free for other jobs

If you have not yet tried this it is worth bearing it in mind. I recently watched a video of a leather worker stitching. She commented, for the benefit of other craftspeople, that she was, in a similar manner, using and holding an awl continuously. Holding sharp and pointed tools is a technique best reserved for the more experienced. Practice with the folder is a good start.

The bone folder is such a useful tool in papercrafts that it is helpful to keep it in hand all the time. When in frequent use it saves picking it up from the bench, and as likely as not having to find it under some papers.

Holding a bone folder whilst working with bookcrafts
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If the folder is a small one it can be held quite firmly in the palm of the hand by the use of the little fingers only. This leaves the remaining digits free to pick things up, even to hold other tools, and generally keep that hand in use for additional things.

Next time you are using your folder - try it! The pictures below just show some examples by way of encouragement. It is easier than you might think.

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