Explanation of the descriptor 'cream' for paper

There is no generally agreed definition of the word 'cream', to my knowledge. It is often used to describe the colour of paper, and there is a need to know what it means. My experience shows 'cream' can apply to tinted papers varying from light to fairly dark, some are almost a very light brown. To continue the parallel we could liken the use of the word 'cream' to the word 'milk', which varies from skimmed through to full cream from Jersey cows.

The best sure advice to see what a particular brand of paper is to obtain some, and hope that future purposes will be made to the same standard.

My interpretation is the series ~ natural ~ off-white ~ ivory ~ light cream ~ full cream ~ rich cream, but unless other people have similar thoughts there is no point offering this comment.

We plan, eventually, to list in the paragraph below, a scale of 'creams' that we sell in the hopes that it might be useful for us, if not our customers. It is not helpful to illustrate one particular 'cream' since all colours are distorted as they are passed through multiple computers and screens.

Space is reserved here for illustration of samples of various 'cream' papers that are available in our shop. [116537]

Some sample of various 'cream' papers


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