A stainless steel folder ~ some uses ~ #1

Just one of several pages of examples

Here are some pictures of my favourite folder being put to use for everyday jobs. I carry this folder, and also a small bone folder in my jacket pocket. The bone folder is rather thin, and I am not sure which jobs would damage it. The stainless steel one is game for almost anything, as well as being just right for folding. The steel one suffers a great deal of abuse ~ but is also a great help. [117564]Here we show some jobs which would can be done by either ~ I usually just grab whichever is easiest to hand. Besides ~ the smaller bone folder tends to get lost in the desktop rubbish ~ but has not yet been thrown away.

Shaping a corner with the help of a folder
Whilst one hand folds back the the flap of paper the folder is being used to bend and shape the paper over a corner ~ and also to press it down once in place

A folder being used to carry a blob of paste
The folder is mainly being used ~ together with my finger ~ to shape and press the paper. It is a rounded corner, which takes a bit more time than some ~more simple ~ corners. For economy of effort it was also used to pick up a drop of paste to appy where required.

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