A stainless steel folder ~ use and near abuse

Here are some pictures of my favourite folder being put to use for everyday jobs. I carry this folder, and also a small bone folder in my jacket pocket. The bone folder is rather thin, and it would be easily damageed. The stainless steel folder is game for almost anything, as well as being just right for the job for which it is named. The steel one suffers a great deal of abuse, and is also a great help. I lost it on several occasions ~ the fancy bit of string makes it just a little more bulky and noticeable when under a pile of rubbish.

My favourite stainless steel folder
My favourite folder ~ carried in my pocket all day long

Here are some uses ~and abuses ~ of the folder.

A steel folder being used to prise open a can
A broken ring pull needs more help than fingers can provide

Sometimes the ring pull of a can is stiff and needs a lever to take the strain from the fingers. In this picture the ring pull had also left its planned route, and my steel folder came to the rescue. It was a pretty tough wrestling job. I will not try it when the baked-beans ring-pull fails. The steel on those cans is even stronger than on drinks tins

A folder used as a screwdriver or awl
A straightforward screwdriver job ~
prising rubber tape from a groove ~ it needed a pointy tool to start it ~ folder to the rescue

Cleaning a bird feeder with a stainless steel folder
Cleaning out a bird feeder

Living in a damp county our bird feeders, in spite of some weather protection, tend to sprout and clog the feeding apertures. This is an extreme case, with a veritable compost heap growing sunflowers. The ever-ready stainless folder was a great poker to remove the gunge.

A folder used as a screwdriver
A really naughty abuse ~ I was gentle

In spite of a personal resolve ~ never to use the folder as a screwdriver ~ I tried a gentle twist of the cross-head screw inside one of the feeders. Last year it was well rusted into place, but I recall adding some grease at assembly-time then. This time I tried a gentle twist ~ easier than looking for a screwdriver ~ and all went well. It was foolish. It is also naughty to be teaching readers bad habits. It would certainly snap the end of a bone folder. The intent is to show the flexibility of the "garden fork" folder I am using here [116432]

Removing staples

Unbending staples

Staple removal
Removing staples ~ a frequent chore ~
This would most likely ruin a bone folder

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