Cobble-cutting handmade papers

Cobble-cutting some handmade papers
Cut and folded papers and a cobbler's knife

The task here was to prepare some folios [115222] in preparation for making a book of artist's paper. The starting point was a supply of A4 handmade sheets ~ each sheet made in an A4 deckle, so it had four deckle edges. The A4 sheets had to be cut in half, then folded to make a folio. A gullotine could have been used ~ or a simple knife-cut. I felt that to preserve the character of the finished article that rougher edges would be best. This particular paper ~ Khadi ~ is particularly hard to cobble-cut with anything other than a sharp knife. I chose a cobblers' knife.

Deckle edges left showing
The cobbled edges have been kept together, as have the deckle edges. This makes for a more uniform appearance to the book that is being prepared

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