Cutting lengths from a roll of laminate (or similar)

The most economic way to buy many materials is on a roll. For some things, such as cotton, bookcloth, and sometimes paper, it is also the most efficient, since a tight roll can be easily wrapped and transported without damging the contents. You will have to cut off short lengths ready to use at some stage, which can be tricky.

Here I illustrate the way I did it for a roll of laminating film. It was an unusually large job, but since it is repeated annually I invested in a huge roll. I required 200 pieces each of size 148x210mm (to cover A5 sheets of paper). The laminating film was 640mm wide. This gave me two options. I could cut off strips of 210x640mm and then chop each strip into four, or 148x640mm to give three pieces per slice. ( There was very little waste from either option. This is unusual.)

I did not have a workbench at that time, and so the dining room table was pressed into service. It is normally covered with a protective cloth, and I put one of my cutting boards, a large piece of plywood, on top of that and at one end of the table. Multiple cuts, about 70, takes a lot of wear. Since each cut is in the same place the wood lasts better than a cutting mat. (My board is several years old, and is still useful in spite of the top ply being worn away in places.)



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