Cobble-cutting a pile of paper

Using a slide-out pocket knife instead of a cobbler's knife

Cobble-cutting paper is an term I have invented for cutting paper using a knife. Here I write about cutting several sheets of paper a a time, for which a really sharp knife is necessary.

 Using a slide out knife to cobble-cut paper
Cobble cutting a sheet of 120gsm of cartridge paper ~
leaving slightly hairy edge

The cleanness of the cut depends on the sharpness of the knife, and on the strength of the paper, and its grain direction [113023].

Preparing to cobble-cut a pile of papers
Preparing to cobble-cut multiple sheets of newsprint ~
It is to be used as chip paper, and so measurements are not critical

Cobble cutting a pile of papers
If the knife is sharp, and the grain is 'right' multiple sheets cut easily

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