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Lokta papers are made in the mountains of Nepal. The fibres from which this paper are made are obtained from a type of laurel bush that only grows at great heights. The bushes are temporarily damaged by stripping the bark. They regain normal growth in a few years ~ ready for a future harvest. This method of making paper has been going on for centuries, and scraps of it have been discovered and dated by archaeologists.

An A4 sheet of cornflower lokta paper
Cornflower lokta paper

The sheet we show here has a sprinkling of blue cornflower petals embedded in it. All lokta papers are made entirely by hand, and the word 'sprinkling' is true ~ a handful of petals is thrown into the paper-making mould at the last minute so that the petals are trapped inside the paper. Every sheet has a different distribution of petals. I am not an expert on varieties of cornflower, but I suspect that these are different from the commonUK plant. More notes and examples on lokta papers are available [122241]. Lokta paper ~ especially this cornflower petalled version ~ is quite different from European supermarket paper [122242]. Inserting artefacts such as petals into paper is a common practice amongst artisan papermakers [126790]. It is important to note that most sheets of lokta paper are made in a large size ~ for which a handful of petals is an appropriate measure. The A4 sheets we describe here have been cut from them ~ in bulk ~ by guillotine. They have also been pressed to give one side a smooth enough surface to provide fair results in some printers.

We also have notes on printed decorative cornflower paper [113801].

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