Some uses for bamboo sticks ~ matchsticks ~ skewers

Short lengths of bamboo barbeque skewer are cheap and have many uses for craftspeople. We have some notes on obtaining them and their preparation. Here we illustrate some of the uses we have found for them. Please contribute your suggestions!

Using a sharp disposable point as a glue dispenser
A needle-point is useful for transferring a small drop of glue to a delicate job. Here quite a huge blob is being used as a reservoir. Better to dump it here than where it is not wanted on the main job. This reservoir on the waste-paper will be a hazard until it is all scrapped ~ 'Do it now!' ~ I know ~ through sad experience

Bits of dried and hardening glue residue have been removed. There is usually build-up in difficult to reach places. A steel needle point will scratch the plastic surface and give future residues a better grip on unwanted surfaces. Poking around with a matchstick or the tougher bamboo stick is the best way I have found, but more ideas welcome!

Matchstick made of bamboo cleaning glue off a polythene glue spout
Plastic items should not be abraded with hard tools ~ knives or steel spatulas. Once the surface of the plastic is scratched it loses some of its useful properties ~ such as the hydrophobic repelling of glue. Here gentle scratching is being used to remove old glue stuck below the tip of a spout

A sharp and thin point needs to be tough to remove glue stuck deep inside the cap. It has to be removed if the cap is to remain a secure closure. This is one occasion where the softer wood of a matchstick might be advantageous. The point will wear down and become a stiff brush ~ stiff enough to remove the glue ~ not hard enough to scratch the plastic. A bamboo point might not wear so easily

Using a bamboo matchstick for cleaning a polythene gluepot spout-lid
Digging dried old glue from inside the cap of the gluepot spout. It is difficult to stop it from accumulating there

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