Busy Busy Elbe Snap

An educational version of Number Snap by BusyBusy

For this game you will need at least two sets of Elbe Numeral Cards. Four sets would be better. Symbol Cards may be included. It can be played by two or more players. For very early learners only the numerals or digits that have been taught to date may be used.

An equal number of cards is dealt to each player. They are stacked, face down, in a convenient pile close to each player. Any remaining cards are placed centrally, face up.

The first player places a card, face-up, to loosely cover the central pile. He should do so by concealing the face of the card from himself and all others until the last moment, thereby not giving himself the advantage of an early peep.

Players need to remember the number on the card being concealed and compare it with the newly added card. If they are the same a call of 'Snap!' is made.

If the call is correct that player 'wins' all the cards in the central pile except for the bottom one. He places the new cards on the bottom of his pile, and then plays one card into the centre. The next player plays, and so on.

If the player is not correct he forfeits one card onto the pile without any calls of Snap! being allowed, and the next player plays his card.

The game proceeds with same players gaining more and more cards, and others playing all theirs. Players with no cards either drop out of the game, or alternatively remaining able to call 'Snap!' with every play - thereby giving themselves a chance to return to the main game.

Some form of arbitration is necessary for simultaneous correct calls. The leader needs to keep the peace over this, as well as moderate over-excitement or disappointment.

A more complicated version ~ the traditional game ~ involves players exposing their cards in turn onto a pile adjacent to their face-down pile. Calls of 'Snap!' can be allowed between any of the exposed piles. Winning callers gain both matching piles. False callers lose their whole exposed pile into a central pile called the Pool. If a newly exposed card matches the exposed Pool card the call must be 'Snap-Pool!' Failure to do this correctly requires the usual forfeit. Rules for dealing with simultaneous calls need to be amicably agreed and explained beforehand. Do not let things get too serious!

Numerous other variations can be invented, providing the rules are clearly explained and understood by the participants.

The main aim of the game, which need not be tediously explained, is recognizing the shapes of numbers, and of the speech involved. Sportsmanship and all the other features of fair games-playing need to be encouraged. Above all if the game is too easy ~ too difficult ~ too boring ~ too complicated ~ then do something else!

The Elbe series of BusyBusy cards ~ and their main purpose ~ is fully described on a separate page [124761].

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