Printed decorative wrapping paper ~ Poppies

One of many papers printed by Tassotti, of Italy

Picture of Poppies ~ printed paper by Tassotti
Printed Tassotti 'Poppy' paper ~ HV125714

This variety of poppy (Papaver rhoeas) (there are many) is the common field ~ or corn ~ poppy. Although an annual it sets seed readily, and it is very hardy. Once established amongst crops in a field it is difficult to remove. Most farmers are happy to let drifts of the bright red flowers grow amongst their intended crop. The seeds are edible. Some varieties produce sap from which opium and morphine can be extracted.

The seeds have the ability to remain dormant in the soil for years, and will sprout again when the ground is disturbed. This was noted amongst the fields of Flanders after the Great War, and immortalised in the poem 'In Flanders Fields'. It is now recognized as a flower of rememberance in many countries around the World, and a representation of it is traditionally worn on outer clothing during November until the 11th, on which date the UK honours those lives lost in war.

The 85 gsm paper shown above is printed on B1 sheets by Tassotti. The size matches that of the poppy, although the density of growth is imagined by the artist.. The pattern is 'one~way~up' ~ V1 ~ and printed with the grain. More details on Tassotti papers are available [126493].

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