Paper printed with Edelwiess

A decorative sheet ~ designed and printed by Tassotti of Italy

Picture of Edelweiss paper by Tassotti
Printed Tassotti 'Edelweiss' paper ~ HV125722

Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum) is a small flower that traditionally grows in high altitude mountainous regions in poor limestone-types of soil. The petals and leaves are slightly furry in texture. This provides an insulating effect from the coldness of the high altitude climate. Some varieties are available that will grow in the UK regions, provided the soil suits them.

The 85 gsm paper shown above is printed on B1 sheets by Tassotti. The printed version of the plant is rather bigger than it is real life. The pattern is 'one~way~up' ~ V1 ~ and printed with the grain. More details on Tassotti papers are available [126493].

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