CupCycling Paper explained

Good quality paper ~ made by recycling coffee cups

CupCycling is a trade name of the James Cropper paper manufacturers, a long established paper-making mill in the Lake District of Cumbria, UK.

James Cropper Papermill
James Cropper Papermill on the river Eden in the UK Lake District

James Cropper have arranged for the collection of used coffee cups from coffee shops ~ such as Costa Coffee ~ and others.

Crushed Cost coffee cups
Some coffee shops have separate recycling bins

These are sterilised ~ the plastic liner is stripped away and recycled ~ the card fibres are then de-inked and converted into good quality fine white cartridge paper. It is treated to be acid-free ~ and chlorine free ~ and it has been sized to give it an extra wet strength.

Cost coffee cups being turned to paper
Another load of squashed coffee cups

The surface of the paper is similar to that of other good cartridge papers, and has an excellent tooth for most media, and sufficient smoothness for liquid-based inks and media. There are occasional tiny ink spots that resist the processing and appear on the finished paper. Most users feel this is a small price to pay.

CupCycling cartridge paper is available from several outlets, including from our sister site at

As with all modern paper mills the environmental aspects of the production are impeccable. Being in such an environmentally sensitive area such as the Lake District the standards are set high.

The cups that are converted to paper are saved from otherwise going to landfill. For every cup 'saved' it is estimated that there are about 400 still being sent to the dump. The necessary plastic liner, to keep the drinks in the cup, will not rot underground for hundreds of years. After stripping-away this plastic at the paper-mill it is re-used as a raw material for other plastic items, such as cable insulators. The whole process is a win-win-win product!

CupCycling flow diagram
CupCycling flow diagram

This item is available as A4 single sheets or bundles of 8 A5 sheets from our sister store at [].

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