General notes on Tassotti Papers

Grafiche Tassotti s.r.l.

Tassotti, as the company is generally known, design and produce a wide variety of decorative papers, and many related products using them ~ notebooks ~ stationery sets ~ journals ~ boxes ~ origami kits ~ bookmarks.

Origins of the company date back to 1657, based at Bassano del Grappa in the north east of Italy. In 1957 Giorgio Rossi took charge of some aspects of the business, and this developed into Grafiche Tassotti, still operating as a family company in their production facility in Bassano.

This site is serving those involved in making hobby items, rather than the finished products, and so I concentrate on their base product - the decorative papers. They have a huge and varied range of several hundred designs. Invariably these are litho printed on 85gsm ivory paper and of size B1 [122441], which is large.

Tassotti papers are sold by several UK outlets, or direct from their base in Italy. If buying small quantities, especially from abroad, carriage costs are a big consideration. The size of the sheet required is also a huge consideration. Most UK stockists sell it by a folded sheet, some also stock and sell unfolded sheets, which have to be rolled in order to travel through the post or by carrier.

There is likely to be confusion over the use of the word sheet as I have used it above. Stocking the 'as made' B1 sheets can be very space-intensive, especially since the sheets have to be diligently cared for. To keep costs low most stockists buy B2 sheets, frequently in the form of French-folded to B4 size. The creases are usually 'hard creases', and this can interfere with plans for covering larger books, especially if folios are required. Most listings I have seen on the WWW are priced 'per sheet', where the sheet size is B2. Sometimes the actual size is nt given, and it has to be assumed from the price as to the actual size being sold. There is the possibility of huge misunderstanding here. There is even more scope for being mislead when seeing listings of 'pack of five sheets' when the actual sheets on sale are ready cut to one of the standard origami sizes (3,6or or 10 inches, I believe).

Another sad feature for purchasers of this paper is that the B4 size cannot be wrapped and posted as a Large Letter, since it will be too big by a fraction of a millimetre, especially if protective boards are used. I use the word sad because it all adds to expense, for an already fairly high priced ~ quality ~ product. On the plus side the weight allowance for a small parcel is considerable, so orders can be bulked-out with other items, if they are available from the same shop. Alternatively the B4 can be trimmed down slightly, if the seller is prepared to do that.

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