Index of pages - listed numerically

Other index pages are available ~ by keyword ~ by heading Athey are far from complete. (Our aim is to have them in a serviceable layout and useful condition by the end of 2020.)

The six figure numbers, below, are listed in sequence, increasing. They are unique six digit references with no symbolism. They are not numerically consecutive, just ordered by size of digits. They are nothing more than a unique reference to a single page.

Wherever possible readers are advised to access a required page by using a link. These are provided, below, and on our other contents pages.

There are variants in the way in which the page number is presented. In some paper formats it is six digits written, without commas, as a number in the hundred thousands, from 100000 to 999999. (There is confusion as to how leading zeroes are handled. To avoid this we do not use them.)

On the WWW the page number is split into two digit groups, followed by the dot and htm, and preceded by the part URL

As an example "page 123456" is found on the WWW by keying in

From our point of view using this method avoids us having folders with thousands of entries in them.

From the user point of view it means that keying an address such as will take you to a helpful place (eventually...when we arrange it!)

Just for now here is a clumsy start. Refinement will follow. Keen eyed readers will spot be edited out, and maybe mistakes (please notify us if they are of a tecchy nature.)

10/43/28.htm ~ Joining thread with a Weaver's Knot

11/12/34.htm ~ BusyBusyDotco numbering system

11/71/08.htm ~ Holding a bone folder

11/75/31.htm ~ Laminating pouch ~ IBM size

12/20/78.htm ~ Working a corner in bookcraft

12/20/82.htm ~ Finding grain direction of paper (1)

12/20/92.htm ~ Finding grain direction of paper (2)

12/24/35.htm ~ Limited issue and limited edition prints

12/29/69.htm ~ Making lengths of thread from a skein

12/34/56.htm ~ Link testing page

12/42/20.htm ~ Lever arch filing problems

12/45/03.htm ~ Making a fold-and-snip booklet

12/47/43.htm ~ The Sheet Bend

12/47/89.htm ~ Square corner coverings

12/47/93.htm ~ Encapsulating and laminating

12/47/98.htm ~ Grain direction notes

12/57/62.htm ~ Weaver's knot for joining threads

12/61/30.htm ~ Butcher's paper ~ Chip paper ~ Newsprint

12/61/52.htm ~ Linen thread ~ waxed ~ size 25/3 ~ cut lengths

12/61/77.htm ~ Stitching a single section - tying the knot














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