Handmade books by busybusydotco ~ An Earhart Style book 'Blossom'

With a Chiyogami design cover ~ Mitsumata paste-downs ~ CupCycle cartridge papers

An Earhart Book 'Blossom'
An Earhart Style Book ~ Blossom
Size is A6 ~ landscape style ~
other variations can be made in the same way

This book contains eight sections of four folios each ~ giving 64 leaves ~ 128pp [115136]. The paper is thick enough to permit working on both sides with most media. The paper is 140gsm white cartridge which is acid free ~ strong ~ and treated to be suitable for most media. Some spirit-based marker pens may well show through even such thick paper.

This particular book uses CupCycling paper which is made ~ remarkably ~ from used coffee cups [126479].

The front and back covers are lightweight boards with covered with Japanese Chiyogami screen-printed paper (Red Trellis) on the outsides and Mitsumata paper paste-downs.

Earhart 'Blossom' Book by busybusydotco
Front cover of an Earhart Style Book ~ Japanese Chiyogami paper 'Red Blossom'

Inside cover paste-down of an Earhart 'Blossom' book
Inside front cover paste down ~
using handmade Mitsumata ~ Bhari paper [127057].

The end paper paste downs provide strength to the semi-flexible covers. This particular batch of heavyweight Mitsumata paper was purchased directly by me from the Sitaula family in Kathmandu. They have been handmaking fine papers from natural grasses and shrub-bark for several generations. Direct purchasing enables them to benefit from a greater margin than through the several wholesalers who are normally employed [127057].

The threads are of beeswaxed linen. Each section is sewn around leather tapes. The leather straps are shaped from offcuts of sheepskin that are discarded as too small for futher use at a glove-making factory.

All these items can be assembled for you as a kit ~ together with full instructions. Alternatively ~ identical or bespoke books can be made to order ~ please allow two weeks. As with all bookbinding jobs there is a lot of natural drying time involved ~ to prevent warping [126842].

The name Earhart bears no relevance to the book. It is a name ~ chosen at random ~ to identify the specifications of the book. The various books made by BusyBusyDotCo are all given names of famous discoverers and inventors. A complete and full description of this book is available [114080].

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