Elbe Educational Numeral Cards

For very early learning ~ and onwards

I describe here details of the range of cards prepared by us and given the title Elbe Cards. They are grouped into various different Sets. These sets are named after cities and towns on the river Elbe. We plan that there will be thirty different cards ~ fifteen of which are currently available.

The Elbe Numerals ~ The Dresden Set ~ comprises the ten single digit numeral cards.

Elbe numeral cards ~ the ten cards of the Dresden Set
Elbe numeral cards ~ the ten cards of the Dresden Set

Five symbols + - ÷ × and = are available ~ on their own ~ as the Meissen Set.

Elbe Symbol Cards ~ the five cards of the Meissen Set
Elbe Symbol Cards ~ the five cards of the Meissen Set

The digits and symbols combined together ~ Meissen & Dresden ~ make a suitable starter set called the Hamburg Set of fifteen cards.

Hamburg Set
Hamburg Set ~ a bundle of ~
Dresden (10) and Meissen (5) cards ~ listed as the Hamburg Set


The Elbe cards are intended for use as an aid to those who are at the very earliest stage of learning the names and shapes of numbers, and also to make life easier for their parents or carers.

The purpose of these cards is to provide a visual and tangible approach to the main symbols used in mathematics. After playing around with the cards we soon discovered that they are also be useful for many educational purposes beyond just recognition. They have the useful property of not requiring pencil and paper skills.

Why Elbe?

We are currently using European river names for the various educational cards we produce. The names are chosen at random from a list of rivers ~ which is in no particular order ~ although the larger waterways , and shorter names, feature more prominently in our selection. The Elbe is a large and lengthy European river [124118] ~ perhaps less well known than the Rhine or Seine. The various sets of cards are named after towns and cities situated by the river Elbe. We provide a few notes on these various places ~ with links listed at the separate descriptors.

Technical Specifications

The cards have been designed with the assistance of teachers, teaching assistants, parents and graphic designers [124212].They are substantial ~ of credit card size ~ and the thick white cardboard will allow for many years of use. They have rounded corners. They are not laminated with plastic film. Further material description is available [124117].


Currently the full set consist of fifteen cards. The basic sets ~ Dresden ~ Hamburg ~ Cuxhaven ~ feature the ten digits (zero through to nine) ~ the symbols of four basic maths operators ~ and the symbol for equals [125388]. Other sets are being prepared, but they are not all available for sale or description at this time ~ budgets...grrrr..

We anticipate that four sets ~ sixty cards ~ Magdeburg ~ Wittenberg will suffice for several years of use. A sample set might be the Hamburg Set, or as an introduction ~ the Cuxhaven Set.

With two sets of numeral cards ~ as in the Cuxhaven Set ~ every number up to 99 can be represented. With three sets of Dresden cards ~ all numbers up to 999.


We plan to provide information for making these cards at home, with appropriate templates. There will be a link here in due course.

They are also available ready-made, and we are preparing a list of outlets and mail-order sources. The main outlet is via our sister site [busybusy.shop], from where more information is available.

The table below summarises information on the content of the various sets.

Table of card availability in Elbe Sets
Content of card sets the Elbe Range ~
Lilienstein and Königstein are not yet available

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