Book with an open backed binding using leather strips

The Edison Discovery Project

Open back books have the advantages ~ of being very easy to make ~ they open out flat ~ and they are quite as serviceable as any other binding method. They do not look anything like books bound in the traditional library style. They provide opportunity for some ornamentation with the stitching. This is an introduction to one particular style of such a book ~ an A6 book using heavyweight ~ handmade ~ cotton-rag ~ acid free ~ artist's drawing papers.

An Edison book
A finished Edison style book

The Edison book specification is detailed elsewhere [114045]. I describe a variety of similar open-backed books under the generic title of Boole Books [114045]. I am using the names of deceased inventors and explorers as labels for the various books styles ~ there is no relevance between the type of book and the names (which I choose at random).

An open Edison book
An opened Edison style book

This page provides an introduction into the materials and technique used. The pictures may show slight variations ~ they are not all of the same book.

Edison book ~ open
An open Edison book ~
under less contrasty light than the picture above

The artist's paper being used here is made by Khadi Papers of India [khadi]. It is made entirely from cotton fibres, with surface and tub-sizing to control the absorption of various media. Artists will need to test and experience this ~ with their own style of working ~ before investing in large quantities of such paper. The ability to lay-flat is an important feature of all Boole books. The pictures also show the deckle [124105] and cobble-cut edges [121970].

Deckle edges of an Edison book
Edison style book showing the deckle edges

Showing the extent of an Edison book
Five sections [110339] each of two folios [115137]

The Edison books are made from 320gsm paper. They have twenty leaves giving forty sides ~ or pages ~ if numbered as in a book. The covers are made from a 320gsm folio which has been pasted down to secure the leather hinging straps. The stitching is linen thread. Sections can easily be removed from the book at any time ~ and replaced provided the overall thickness of the book is not increased. I do describe different styles of book for which the extent of the book can be added to at a later date [arkwright].

One of the features of some of the named books ~ such as Edison and Arkwright ~ is that there is a detailed specification. Such detail is necessary to enable me ~ or anyone else ~ to make a similar book such that it can be sold without any deviation from the sales specification. Any hobbyist will be able to make similar books using their own materials and modifying ~ maybe improving ~ on those described.

Edison books can be purchased from Etsy [etsy] or from our own shop [shop] ~ where we also plan to sell easy-to-make kits of all the necesssary stuff needed.

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