Spread ~ Recto ~ Verso

Book designers and bookbinders will have the need to know these three terms, if only for clarity when dealing with some customers. It might be best not to use them ~ not everyone is familiar with them ~ maybe better to say 'on the left hand side of the open spread' ~ which is self explanatory.

 -Spread with recto and verso marked -
A book spread open ~ with recto and verso marked

Spread is probably self-explanatory, certainly when used in an appropriate context. It refers to any two adjacent pages when a book is opened.

Recto refers to the right-hand page of the spread ~ nudge...nudge...'R' for Recto...'R' for Right ~ I often need this reminder.

Verso is the page on the reverse of the recto. (...VERSo...reVERSe...) or it is the opposite page to the recto of a spread.

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