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This is my attempt to help readers even more ~ following on from my chatter on leaves and pages [115136] .

So here goes, once again ~ please drop me a line if I am wrong!

For codex binding a single sheet of paper is folded in half to make a folio. A folio has four sides ~ or pages if they are numbered as if in a book.

Once the folios are collated and gathered into a section ~ many people call them signatures ~ it is tempting to refer to the number of sheets ~ where a sheet is the obverse and reverse pages. That gives two sheets to a folio. In the paragraph above I started with one sheet ~ and now it has become two! Best not to use sheet at this stage ~ especially when the word leaf is available.

So ~ for general use ~ I would suggest 'This book has twenty leaves which provides forty pages if numbered as in a book.' Maybe better still avoid the use of page 'This book has twenty leaves which provides forty sides'.

For bookcrafters I might say 'Four sections of six folios (equals 24 folios) ~ which is 48 leaves ~ which is 96 pages'. Maybe 96pp would be better ~ it is a widely recognized abbrevation.

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