Preventing rolling off the workbench

Cylindrical items have an uncanny way of rolling off the workbench, and usually at the wrong time. That's why I buy hexagonal pencils, and am careful to put X-Acto type knives down into a shallow box or lid.

Some items can be prevented from rolling by the simple expedient of sticking a band of overlapping tape around them.

Glue stick with tape to prevent rolling

Rolling prevention with sticky tape

Now...why haven't I thought of doing that with my X-Acto knife?

My favourite awl has a wooden handle, neatly turned on a lathe by the manufacturer. I have made two flats, one on each side. These serve the same purpose. I used a rasp and a sanding machine for this I did not wish to bring my plane near the metal surfaces, nor could I see a way of fitting it into a vice easily.


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