BusyBusy template for A4 size paper ~ Trent

One of several templates named after rivers

I have found it useful to have this simple file on safely recorded. I load it ~ save it under another name ~ and then use the pre-defined layout. The pdf link for it is available for use ~ free of charge [115226 ]. For my own convenience there is also a cdr file [115226]. It is reproduced, below, at reduced size

Shackleton template for A4 use
Shackleton template for A4 use

Readers are welcome to use the template in any way they wish. I find it useful in several ways. The sheet size is A4 - the most popular size for most folk and their equipment. The picture ratio size is 6x4 ~ again a popular proportion. It just leaves room for a small caption to fit into the A6 space of a quarter sheet.

Discovery projects are named after historical explorers. There is no link beween the BusyBusy project and the explorer. The names are allocated entirely at random by the BusyBusyBlog computer.

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