What Binding Posts ~ Binding Screws ~ are

Samples of book binding posts (and with a nut and bolt)

These are also known as Chicago Binding Screws ~ round head stud screws ~ barrel nuts ~ screw fasteners ~ and we would be pleased to list other variants.

Mechanically all the illustrated items are variants of the nut and bolt [123387].

The heads are larger, and so act as washers to spread the strains.

The heads are thin, since they do not need the strength normally required from plain nuts and bolts.

The head of the bolt extends to be a sleeve to cover the thread of the nut. Once in use the sleeve is out of sight anyway. This protection of the threads causes less wear on pages when a book is in constant use.

They are invariably designed to fit the standard office paper-punch size of 5mm.

They are made in a variety of metals and plastics. We show brass ~ nickel plate ~ white plastic (probably nylon).

They come in a variety of internal lengths ~ typically 2 ~ 3.5 ~ 5 ~ 10 ~ 15 ~ and more.

Extenders are available, typically 5 ~ 10 ~ 15.

See also 'Thoughts before binding with posts ~ binding screws' [114735]
See also 'Explaining and illustrating binding screws ~ binding posts' [116507]
See also 'Samples of binding with posts ~ binding screws' [116535]
We are concentrating on the use of Binding Posts in bookcraft, but they are used to a great extent by leatherworkers (for decoration and for joining two pieces of leather together). Electricians also use the "posts" for the terminals built into an equipment case for anchoring cables to the main item.

Here is the code for a link to a local USP [116537]

A steel folder being used to prise open a can




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