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busybusydotco page 123456, which is referenced on the www at

This page number ~ 123456 ~ is used as a filler number to show that something is to be done ~ but that it has not yet been done. We also use it for testing links ~ and suchlike.

Occasionally you may end up here rather than being told that a page does not exist. If you have the patience and kindness to nudge us over a mistake, please do. We are anxious to sort these glitches out. Please drop me a line ~ Bernard Harrison at High View ~

On paper and plain text we refer to pages with six digits, eg page 123456, or more usually [123456].

Sometimes we break page numbers into threes 123-456 and sometimes into twos 12/34/56. On the WWW our convention is to break into twos 12-34-56, or more usually 12/34/56 since separate folders are used for every goup of a hundred.

Our page numbers are of no relevance beyond identifying a particular page. There is no relationship between page numbers and subject matter. We provide further details ~ here.

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