Flower codes explained

All our products are identified by our own unique reference number code (eg SKU HV123456). It is not likely that anyone will remember these numbers when ordering, and so for some items ~ or sizes ~ we are adding a floral name to our descriptor and code number. If you wish to re-order your popular product by sizeit will be sufficient to identify it with a flower name. Sometimes you might need to specify a colour at the same time in order to make things unique. The flower name refers to size only. Where we are selling a prepared product ~ such as a booklet ~ or card ~ then the flower size refers to the finished size.

Some flower sizes are approximates, others are exact, a few are a bit of both ~ such as when the size of an item to fit in an envelope cannot exceed something the size of the envelope.

The flower name chosen has nothing to do with the product. A "dandelion" item is not necessarily yellow ~ or weedy ~ or popular ~ or unpopular. It is just another reference, along with the code number.

Below is a list of flower names we have chosen so far, with a brief defining explantion of the relevant item. If there is a number ~ a click on it will link to a fuller explanation. If there is nothing next to the flower name ~ it has not yet been used. We cannot use flower names for all our products ~ our botanical knowledge is not that great. We have, for our convenience, used local flowers for which we have access to photograph.

aquilegia [125475] size 210x92.66mm ~ slightly less high than one third of an A4 (99)

chives [125824] size 85x55mm ~ chives is not yet issued

cornflower [112032] size 340x240mm ~ is a tight fit for a B4 envelope

dandelion [117504] size 85x55mm ~ which is approximately credit card size

foxglove [125517] size finished size of A6 vertical

poppy [103916] poppy

rogosa rose [117504] size 330x230mm ~ maximum padding size to fit B4

Welsh poppy [125823] spare



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