Pop Binding

Pop Binding is the name I give for booklets bound with proprietary plastic strips ~ available from some stationers or online ~ made by GBC and sold under the title ClickBind.

Pop binding has the huge advantage of allowing sheets to be removed or inserted at any time. There are numerous disadvantages which need to be mentioned before continuing.

The sheets need to be punched with the appropriate holes. Machines to do this are expensive ~ expect to pay upwards from £50 for a small domestic machine ~ or £1000 for an office machine.

The pages do need to be turned carefully and guided over the prongs. This is no great problem, but wire binders are much quicker for frequent use.

Page rearragement is possibe ~ but it does take time. The prongs need to be opened with deft prising with a pencil. There are tools ~ supplied on the basis of one to a box of fifty binders. There may be a limited life of the openings and closings since the plastic hinge manufactured to a very thin tolerance. It is likely to be well over ten times. Plastic does get brittle with age and cold temperatures.

Although binders are available in different sizes and colours they are normally supplied in boxes of fifty ~ and black or white.

The binders can be cut with a strong pair of scissors, or a craft knife. They are intended for binding A4 books in portrait-style, but one strip will bind two A5 books in the landscape format ~ or a single A3 book in landscape format.

Several widths of ring are available. Pages get progressively harder to turn as the maximum quantity is reached ~ overcrowding is not advised. Larger rings would be useful but are not available.

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