Number Recognition

Early learning of number shapes ~ Key Stage 1

For an adult and one youngster

You will require two sets of cards each card with one of the ten single digits written on them.

Lay down the twenty cards on the table ~ face upwards ~ in a well spread but muddled order.

The task is to remove and keep or discard cards ~ one or two at a time ~ so that the ten different digits remain.


If space is limited use just one set of digits. Pick them up and lay them in a sequence ~ small to large.

Number recognition game
Find the next card

Arrange the pile such that quite a few are partly hidden ~ recognizing only parts of shapes makes the task more difficult.

Number recognition task
'Would you like this number next?'

For two or three youngsters

In this case the task is to build individual sequences of 0 to 9. Play could take place in turns ~ or on a take-one-card~each~at-a-time basis ~ or just grab one at a time as quickly as possible. To allow for mis-grabs it is probably best to have one more pack in play over and above the number of players ~ or that could be the adult's set.


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