The Hatakami Paper Mill

A family concern

The Hatakami paper that I buy ~ for making books ~ is despatched to me direct from the mill in Nepal [everest].

The shipping and financial arrangements are made by the Vintage Paper Company based in Orkney. VPCo do not currently make any charge for this facility ~ and it also means that the mark-up by the intermediate dealers and wholesalers can be retained in Nepal by the mill. The direct route for the carriage also cuts down on expenses. Similarly I am selling it at the cost price to me. In this way we are helping the families who make the paper by providing them with sales, in addition to making a goodwill payment through the crowd-funding appeal mentioned below.

William ~ the director of VPCo ~ knows David Sitaula owner of the mill. In May 2021 he prepared a crowd-funding appeal on behalf of the Sitaula family, and all the workers which they are supporting at a critical time as covid is rife in Nepal. The link to the appeal page is [here] and William's report is reproduced ~ below ~

The Sitaula family in Nepal
The owner of the Hatakami Paper Mill ~
David Sitaula and family

"Hatakami Story

"by William ~ Director of the Vintage Paper Company (VPCo)

"19 May 2021

"By now you are probably aware of the issues surrounding the covid crisis currently affecting the people of India.

"Less widely reported is that it is just as bad if not worse in Nepal.

"Basic medical care is unavailable. There is no government support for individuals or businesses. It is survival of the fittest ~ a terrifying and grim position.

"My good friend David Sitaula and his family own the Hatakami paper mill in Birtamode, Jhapa, Nepal, where he employs around 50 staff to help make his beautiful papers ~ which we at VPCo and many of our customers enjoy using.

"At just 24 years of age, David is one of the most impressive people I have had the good fortune to call a friend. As well as building a new mill to continue his family business he has also built good quality ~ rent and bill-free ~ accommodation for his employees. He has long term plans to build a school for the local kids. He is a genuinely good person.

"In an attempt to protect his family and his employees David has closed his mill ~ no one is allowed in or out. He has enough food to feed everyone there for about 2 weeks but he cannot do what he wants which is to make and sell paper.

When their lockdown is over they can get back to doing what they do best - making great paper. Until that time they have zero income ~ many mouths to feed ~ and people to keep safe and sound."

Current Report

At the time of writing ~ 7 June 2021 ~ the appeal has raised mor than eight times more than the initial target of £500. The [appeal] is still open and will need to be ~ for quite some time. I cannot see the pandemic situation in countries like Nepal easing for a long time ~ until vaccinations are really a World-wide success story. The crisis in India and Nepal is no longer covered in the media to any extent ~ but has not gone away. The appeal remains open.

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