A suitable and useful pastime and hobby for all

Bookcraft is suitable for grannies and grandchildren Neatly sewn sections Bookcraft on a table

Bookcraft does not require much storage or worktop space. Many elements of book construction can easily be carried-out around the home or garden ~ alone or with friends.

Bookcraft outdoors on a picnic table
Bookcraft can be done outdoors (sometimes!) ~
What is on the table? ~ What is going on? [click for more]

In the picture ~ above ~ part of a book is being sewn, at one end of an outdoor picnic table, on a cool ~ windy ~ day. When the rain comes ~ as it did! ~ all the necessary bits and pieces can be scooped-up and taken indoors in a few moments.

The black toolbox was not needed or used for the task under way ~ and it rather spoils the claim I made ~ above ~ for easy mobility. I brought it out with me 'just-in-case' the contents might be required. Most of the bits and pieces needed for an hour's work were packed in the pink box. A more informative view of what is happening is available ~ with lots of explanatory links [more].

Drying inside the covers of a newly finished book Very few specialist tools are required for bookcraft Peparing a leather cover for a small book
The pictures show a bulldog clip helping to balance the pages of a book whilst the covers are drying ~ A clothes peg is a great anchor for the end of the thread when sewing ~ Checking that a leather offcut from a glove-making factory is large enough to cover a book

Numerous easily made journals and albums can be made with simple bookcraft skills ~ and without the need for elaborate tools or facilities.

The sewing I was doing in the garden was a simple task ~ suitable for most ages [114304]. For the children's kits very blunt plastic needles are provided ~ and I would advise blunt needles for general use [125941].

Bookcraft is a friendly pastime Single section binding with wool Busy bookcrafters
The pictures show two friends hard at work during a bookcraft class ~ Single section sewing can be quite decorative and is within the scope of very young children ~ The book from the picture above has a Yapp binding [114122]

This site aims to offer projects for all ages and capabilities all providing excellent experience in readiness for moving on to bookbinding ~ fully tooled ~ fine leather bindings ~ sewn on cords. Alas we are not providing expertise for bookbinders here. Bookbinding requires a workshop with large desktop space and several bulky tools. We offer a start ~ which can produce lots of useful results.We call it bookcraft [127064].

Decorated inside back cover of a book Marbled end papers of a book Books can be any size
The inside back cover of this book is decorated with ladybird paper ~ Marbled end papers and a Yapp binding ~ Tiny books can be fun to make

There will also be links for sales of ready-made books. A full contents listing will be available, and also an index. We are not ready to complete that at this stage. This page is providing working links to several possible starters ~ browse away!

A book with Chiyogami decorated cover Flower petals embedded in a book cover A simple leather covered journal
A book covered with Japanese Chiyogami screen-printed paper ~ Books covered with paper with flower petals embedded in it ~ a simple flush-bound leather book

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