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Bookcraft project outdoors
Bookcraft project outdoors

The photograph on a previous page shows me at work and mentions the portability of some aspects of bookcraft [outdoors]. Here I describe some of the tools ~ shown above ~ and below ~ that were required ~ or not needed ~ for the task that was in hand.

The job I was doing was sewing a number of sections ~ one by one. They had been prepared ~ creased collated ~ and with punched holes ~ previously. I only needed the pink storage box ~ papers ~ needle ~ scissors ~ and threads.

Key for the outdoor bookcraft project
Key for this ooutdoor project

A ~ I did not need any of the contents of the black toolbox. I brought it out with me 'just-in-case' but a little more forethought could have saved me that bother. It contained extra sewing threads ~ extra needles ~ a sharps box ~ and another pair of scissors (you can never have too many).

B ~ As it happened I did not need the low-tack tape. It is always useful to have it to hand .

C ~ I have been doing this job ~ on and off ~ whilst watching TV or otherwise wanting to sit down. Almost everything I needed was in the handy A4 sized pink Weston Box . This is the lid of such an A4 box ~ it keeps stuff in one handy place ~ and stops tools from rolling off the table top ~ N.

D ~ I had two awls handy ~ one is sharp [125564] ~ the other blunt [127051]. As it happened they were not needed ~ I was able to enarge holes on the occasions it was required by using the needle ~ G.

E ~ Needleworkers have dainty scissors for cutting thread. So have I ~ somewhere ~ but mislaid again! This large pair is too useful ever to be far out of reach ~ but is good at snipping tiny threads [127065]. Perhaps it is a blokey thing to favour the bigger item.

F ~ The green cutting mat is being used as a table-cloth ~ small ~ but just the right size for this job [111715]. It is only used in this case to keep things clean ~ the outdoor table is not scrubbed down regularly ~ (another blokey thing).

G ~ Indicates my system for finding the needle [127066]. You cannot see the needle in this picture ~ the thread might just be visible on some screens. I ~ often ~ cannot see my needle on the worktop ~ or floor ~ either. I use a scrap of red leather to keep track of it. A milliner's pin cushion is designed for the job ~ but is too bulky for just the one needle. There is no way of seeing this from the picture. Tthe needle in use ~ my favourite ~ is the smallest of the blunt needles [125941]. It has been in se for over a year now.

H ~ This is the section being sewn. It is a bundle of folios [115222] of Hatakami paper ~ handmade in Nepal [126979].

I ~ There are two stainless steel blocks [126160]. They have lots of uses ~ here being put to work as paper-weights ~ essential in windy Cornwall.

J ~ You may not be able to see this item. It is a short length of thread ~ left over after completing a section. It is tempting to let it blow away and rot in the garden ~ returning it (linen is made from flax) to nature. However some creature might eat it and get knots in their innards, just as local seals get strangled by discarded fishing lines. A good habit ~ keep your rubbish tidy and dispose of it responsibly. The box lid acts as a rubbish bin ~ complete with wind breaks.

K ~ The letter K is about half way along my bundle of ready-to-use threads ~ looking like a winding snake [122969].

L ~ The pink box keeps everything tidy and clean. The finished and unfinished sections are carefully kept in folders ~ double protection against soiling and mishap.

M ~ Represents spare seating space. There is room ~ even on this small table ~ for two more people to sit and enjoy something ~ reading ~ bookcraft ~ chatter ~ but read on to the next letter ~ N.

N ~ stands for nothing. There are no hot ~ or cold ~ drinks on the table ~ nor sandwiches ~ nor (worst of all) crisps. In my ~ theoretical ~ workshop it would be a sackable offence! ~ but I would provide a kitchen and sitting space to allow for this!

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