Using a curved folder needs care

The straight edge makes creasing folds easy

Here is a demonstration of a very long, wooden, folder. throughout its length it is busy doing its job. (Yes, I know if isn't a real folder - it was my special "long" (12inch, 30cm) ruler way back at school 65 years ago. Special then because we were only meant to have nine inch rules (less of a weapon)(?)

A curved folder might miss the crease

Here the folder is bust sqashing the bench-top.

Here the folder is squashing the paper, some distance from the edge that should be creased.

This next bit will go, but is a good link template... here [117530] , of this steel weapon being used as folder, rather than abused as a screwdriver ~ although I draw the line at driving screws with it. The tip is too precious, and too fine.

A steel folder being used to prise open a can

Sometime the ring pull of a can is stiff and needs a lever to take the strain from the fingers. In this picture the ring pull had also left its planned route, and a screwdriver ~ or steel folder ~ came to the rescue

A straightforward screwdriver job ~ prising rubber tape from a groove ~ screwdriver out of reach ~ folder to the rescue

Digging out these tacks, some of which are rusted into place, is too much for even a steel folder ~ on this occasion a screwdriver and mallet served instead of a tack lifter ~ I do not have one, they are too wide across and screwdriver ad pincers (if necessary) do it best (for me)





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