Folder uses

My favourite folder, which I have on me at all times (except when I lose it) serves for many folding-type jobs, as well as some for which the name "folder" does not apply [117564].

steel folder being used to smooth chipped mdf board

Rivets have been removed from this mdf backing ~ the folder is being used to smooth down the raised fibres ~ had there been more damage it would have served to bend and scrape them away as rubbish

framer's spring being bent by steel folder

This soft metal is about to be bent up so that the board can be lifted past it ~ the folder easily slips under and also bends the sprig up out of the way ~ fingers can be used, but the fingernails can suffer ~ a screwdriver might be better, but it would need a very sharp point ~ a chisel would be disgraceful ~ I would not run the risk of chipping my bone folder (which I have filed down to be very pointy, and thin) ~ All in would be better to use a screwdriver. They have suitably strong (because they are blunt) and hardened steel tips.



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