A stainless steel folder ~ some uses ~ #2

Just one of several pages of examples

Here I show a stainless steel folder being used toi add the finishing touches to a rounded corner.

Using a folder to shape a corner
The folder is pressing down on the folds already in place ~ it also pressing a fold well under the flap that is still to be stuck down.

Rounding off a corner with a folder
The flat side of the folder is pressing the newly wrapped edges onto the edge of boards. Whilst everything is moist with paste the corner can be gently smoothed off. The 'gently' is important. Too much pressure ~ epecially if it is of a sliding nature ~ may tear the paper and spoil the whole job. Just dab with a well judged push ~experiencewill help you. To use the chip paper as a buffer would be a good idea, except that you cannot see what is happening. If you look carefully at the shadow it seems that exces paper from the corner is bulging out. This should be flattened ~ whilst also moving the bulge away from the corner. There is an interesting extra small fold in the flap ~ hardly noticeable. It was considered an acceptable minor glitch ~ especially since the job is best left undisturbed at this stage

This page was intended to illustrate a use of a folder ~ any folder with a rounded-sharpish end would do ~ the steel is purely my preference at the time, and is not of any relevance. I have a related page showing some of the abouse a steel folder can take ~ abuse which would do damage to a bone folder [116564]

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