Troubles with handmade papers

Small glitches to be ignored (or not)

People new to using handmade papers may need to be warned about some of the small things that could be a problem, depending on their needs. For most folk the advantages of handmade paper far outweigh these matters, which they consider unimportant or trivial.

Precise sizing of the sheet is a problem. Fibre slurry is poured into a mould from which the water drains, leaving the mass of fibres which make the paper [113003]. The mould usually has wooden edges, and as the moisture drains away, and then starts to dry, so there is shrinkage away from the edges. This shrinkage is not always as even as some people might wish. There are small ridges and bumps, giving the main characteristic of handmade paper ~ the deckle edge.

Sometimes the shrinkage is uneven along the length of the sheet ~ leading to a shape which is not perfectly rectangular.

Folding a sheet of handmade paper which is out of square
A sheet of Imperial Size handmade paper folded into half ~
It can be seen that the two edges will not meet exactly ~ To align the top edges would mean the sides are no longer coincident

Slight errors of handmade paper
An enlargement of the right hand corners of the picture above ~
Several slight irregularities can be seen ~ described below

A tiny bug stuck in handmade paper
A small bug was stuck into this sheet ~
It can happen anytime, but rarely does

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